is a mechanical contractor engaged in the ship repair industry.
(SIC 3731).

CEM-CORP operates a facility in San Diego, California. The facility has been in continuous operation since March 9, 1979.
CEM-CORP gained extensive experience on shipboard machinery and systems as a subcontractor to Master Ship Repair (MSR) and Agreement for Boat Repair (ABR) firms and as a NAVSEA certified ABR contractor for SUPSHIP San Diego.


CEM-CORP is owned by Coleman L. McSwain and Anthony Greenwell.
Both are active in the business and are also the only officers and Members of the Board of Directors. Mr. McSwain is the President and Mr. Greenwell is the Vice President and General Manager.



President : COLEMAN L. McSWAIN
Mr. McSwain has been employed by CEM-CORP for 30 years and currently serves as President. He has 42 years shipboard repair experience, including 12 years in the U.S. Navy. He attended various Navy technical schools including BT "B", and Instructor School NTC. Mr. McSwain is a Vietnam Veteran.
After the Navy, he was employed by MSR and ABR shipyards for 11 years prior to commencement of work for CEM-CORP. He was employed by Triple "A" South Shipyard as a Machinist Supt; Aldi Corp as a Machinist Supt; and with Precision Welding & Stress Relieving as the Production Mgr.
Mr. McSwain is proficient in diagnosing machinery faults, scheduling, estimating, and repairing shipboard machinery of all types and related systems. He was the Program Manager for CEM-CORP CIS HPAC Annual contract No. N000244-86-D-0187. 
Mr. McSwain is the Responsible Management Officer (RMO) for CEM-CORP's California Contractors Licenses: (C20-Warm Air Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning; and C-38, Refrigeration).

Vice President and General Manager: ANTHONY E. GREENWELL
Mr. Greenwell is the Operations Manger with 28 years shipboard machinery repair experience, including 4 years in the U.S. Navy (BT2); 12 years with Propulsion Controls Engineering (PCE), and 15 years with CEM-CORP. During his employment at CEM-CORP, Mr. Greenwell has been the Production Manager and General Manager, respectively, since 1992. He attended various Navy technical schools including BT "A"; General Regulator Boiler Control; Woodward Governor; ACC Console Operator; and Gauge Calibration.
Mr. Greenwell is proficient in diagnosing machinery faults, scheduling, estimating and repair of shipboard equipment of all types and related systems. He was the CEM-CORP Program Manager for the Machining Services contract for the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard during the period from 3 March 94 to 11 Nov 94 under contract No. N00140-94-D-6005.
Mr. Greenwell received a Letter of Commendation from the Commander, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and a joint Letter of Appreciation from the Engineering and Planning Department Head and USS Kennedy Project Manager for superior performance in support of the JFK complex overhaul through September, 1995.

Member of Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association

Known to many as "invisible patriots", member companies provide crucial support for the fleet and are an important part of national defense and Navy readiness. The industry is a powerful economic engine for our region, employing tens of thousands of San Diegans and contributing hundreds of millions of dollars to the San Diego economy each year. Member companies are proud to support our community, providing resources, volunteers and contributions to programs like Operation Clean Sweep, Barrio Station and others.




Ship repair industry receives thanks.

By ERIN BRIDGES, The Daily Transcript
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

With the USS George Washington (CV-72) preparing for arrival in Japan, the San Diego ship repair companies that made its voyage possible received a heart-felt thank you Wednesday from Navy leaders.

As guest speaker at this month’s Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association luncheon, Vice Adm. Tom Kilcline, Naval Air Forces Pacific commander, commended the companies for their hard work and dedication in repairing the ship after a May 22 fire.


Ship repairers donate to public swimming pool.


Monday, August 3, 2009 at 2 a.m.

The Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association has donated $15,000 to help cover expenses at the youth center swimming pool run by Barrio Station, a community advocacy organization.

The swimming pool, at 2175 Newton Ave. in Barrio Logan, relies on donations during July and August.

Children under the age of 18 pay 50 cents to use the pool; visitors 18 and older pay $1.

The ship repair coalition represents more than 75 companies involved in ship repair, conversion, overhaul and modernization.